Foxbody Mustang OEM+ Full Angle Kit (1979-1993)
Foxbody Mustang OEM+ Full Angle Kit (1979-1993)
Foxbody Mustang OEM+ Full Angle Kit (1979-1993)
Foxbody Mustang OEM+ Full Angle Kit (1979-1993)
Foxbody Mustang OEM+ Full Angle Kit (1979-1993)

Foxbody Mustang OEM+ Full Angle Kit (1979-1993)

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All of our Mustang steering angle components, assembled into one package!

Take your Mustang's steering angle to the next level with our OEM+ Angle Kit. This setup is one of the best values on the market for drift Mustang steering angle improvements by essentially doubling the amount of available angle compared to factory, all while maintaining an OEM look and feel to your car.

In our testing, the factory Mustang steering angle maxes out around 27*. With the addition of our OEM+ Angle Kit, your Mustang can achieve 50* + of steering angle! The kit is modular and can expand for further steering angle as your drifting skills improve by exchanging the modified OEM lower control arm with our fully fabricated high clearance version that is coming soon! 

The full OEM+ Mustang Drift Steering Angle Kit Includes:

-OEM 79-93 Steering Knuckle Modification Service (customer provided spindles)

-New MOOG Front Lower Control Arms with new bushings and balljoints

-Lower Control Arm Modification Service

-1" Wheel Spacer Set 

Additional Info:

This is a bolt on solution that requires little to no trimming of your front bumper for additional wheel clearance like some other kits. Trimming of the front K-Member is required at the spring perch area, and as such coil over front suspension is highly recommended. Sway bar provisions are removed from the lower control arm with our modification and sway bar removal is recommended for maximum angle. 600 Lb/In front springs are recommended to offset this. SN95 style inner and outer tie rods or bump steer kit are necessary and are not included in this kit.

Steering Knuckle Modification:
This service takes your factory steering knuckles to the next level by adding significantly more steering angle while also increasing the steering quickness. All knuckles are media blasted, cut, ground, and fit into a jig before being TIG welded by our experienced fabricators, and come painted black. Our modified knuckle geometry features ~ 1/4” of bump steer correction compared to OEM and is set up to provide a small amount of positive Ackerman (toe out) at lock. Through our experience and testing, we have found that these features provide the best combination of steering feel, angle, and grip.


Core Exchange Program:

***We only stock 98-04 knuckle cores. If you require 79-93 knuckles for your application please send us your cores for modification!***
Please ship your cores to:

Detroit Drifting Co
ATTN: "Your name here"
27513 Schoolcraft Rd.
Livonia, MI 48150
Tie Rod Drilling Option:
Using the drop-down menu, you can select to have us drill out the tapered tie rod attachment hole in the knuckle to accommodate aftermarket bump-steer kits that utilize straight through-bolt attachment. 5/8" is the most common sizing used for bump steer kits that do require the knuckles to be drilled, but customers should confirm the hardware requirements of their particular kit before selecting this option. Please contact us for sizing that is not listed. Selecting to have us drill your knuckles is beneficial since we can perform this modification by fixturing the tie rod boss in a mill and drilling them prior to welding. This facilitates robust fixturing to ensure a clean, accurate, round hole to be drilled (compared to drilling by hand after welding).

Lower Control Arm Modification Service:

We start with brand new MOOG SN95 style lower control arms, and clearance them for more articulation of the tie rod. After we clearance the factory arms, a gusset plate is TIG welded into position to reinforce the balljoint area. The arms are pocketed specifically for tie rod clearance of OEM balljoints and aftermarket bump steer kits. 


For 79-93 Foxbody Mustangs, SN95 style control arms add about 1" to the overall front track width of the car. This facilitates more wheel clearance in the wheel wells for more potential steering angle. We recommend that Foxbody owners use SN95 style innter/outer tie rods or an aftermarket bump steer kit to ensure proper thread engagement on the tie rods.


Disclaimer/Terms of use: This product/service is intended for off-road / track use only. Detroit Drifting Company LLC assumes no liability and will be held harmless for any injury, damages, or loss to persons or property resulting from the use of these products.

Please contact us for current shipping lead times.