Rear Upper Axle Bushing Set - 79-04 Ford Mustang

Rear Upper Axle Bushing Set - 79-04 Ford Mustang

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The Ford Performance M-4050-B bushing kit is our go-to when servicing the axle side of the rear upper control arm mounts for any Foxbody/SN95/New Edge Mustang. 

The rear upper axle bushings are a key component in locating the rear axle laterally on any 79-04 Mustang. If yours show any sign of deterioration, we recommend that they be replaced in order to maintain the best handling possible. These are a commonly overlooked service item that can drastically improve your rear suspension performance for drifting, road racing/hpde/autocross, and even drag racing. 

Included in this kit:

x2 Rear upper axle bushings (Rubber)

x2 c-clips

x1 bottle friction modifier