SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)
SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)
SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)
SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)
SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)
SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)
SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)
SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)

SN95 / New Edge Mustang OEM MAX Full Angle Kit (94-04)

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The next evolution of our OEM line of angle kit products, OEM MAX full angle kit for your Foxbody / SN95 / New Edge Mustang drift car are now available!

OEM MAX is a fully fabricated, non-adjustable control arm design that provides several key benefits over our tried and true OEM+ control arm design (modified OEM arms):

  • Capable of nearly 60-65* of steering angle**
  • Moderate track width increase (+2" per side over stock)
  • Forward balljoint position for increased caster (6.5* typical without use of caster plates) - No cutting of bumper or fender required!**
  • Spherical bearing inner mounts - robust, non-adjustable, solid, free moving, serviceable
  • OEM style balljoint outer mount - no knuckle drilling required!
  • Steel plate and tube gusset construction - designed and produced in-house
  • Arm body profile facilitates broad range of wheel options with increased clearance
  • Easy to install - Installs like a factory lower control arm

OEM MAX arms are a fantastic complement to our Mustang drift steering knuckles to make up this full angle kit. Compatible with factory style SN95 inner/outer tie rods and most standard bump steer kits.

Included parts:

  • Left and right OEM MAX Lower control arm assemblies
  • Optional OEM style outer balljoints or Steeda X2 roll-center correcting balljoints (either will come installed if selected)
  • DDC Modified Drift Knuckles - no core exchange required
  • Optional Wheel Spacer (pair)

Check out our Cupped Outer Tie Rod Kit - specifically designed for drifting to reduce tie rod binding and interference. Sold separately.

Why not adjustable?

To maintain the "OEM" philosophy, we set out to design the OEM MAX control arm with OEM like qualities - low maintenance, robust, non-adjustable, 100% bolt on***. 

We also took great effort to design an angle kit that gets you most of the angle capability of the "mega" angle kits, without the hassle of cutting your fenders or bumper**, without tires poking 4" past the fenders, or without running -8* of camber. In short, we tried to design it right the first time so the customer doesn't have to worry about making tons of adjustments to get the setup right. Our goal is to have you bolt it on with minimal fuss,

Geometry / Fitment

The following alignment specs were achieved on our shop car using our OEM+ modified knuckles, OEM MAX LCA, BC BR coilovers with standard camber plates (no caster adjustment), while running a 17x9.5 +18 wheel with 225/45/17 Falken RT615k tire:

Camber: -4.3*

Caster: +6.4*

Toe: 1/16" (or .12*) toed in with steering rack centered in its travel. (.10* toe in is OEM spec and recommended with our kit)

With this combination of parts and these alignment settings, we needed to slightly hammer out the outer strut tower sheet metal area to achieve -4.3* with proper spring clearance. This arrangement places the top of the tire just flush or slightly inside the fender lip, and also clears the factory bumper without trimming it. 

Lack of caster is a big drawback of the OEM style LCA, providing only 2-3* from the factory. This can be increased with the use of caster plates, however the OEM MAX LCA natively attains 6-7* without needing to relocate the strut top. 6-7* is plenty of caster for the SN95 platform and provides a perfect amount of self steer, caster jacking, and camber gain to increase turn-in and dynamic grip levels without sacrificing good drivability. 

**With use of proper wheel and tire sizes. The most IDEAL setup is an 8" wide wheel with a 0 offset. IDEAL tire spec is no wider than 235 width and 25"OD or smaller.

***Front coilovers are required. Trimming/cutting of factory K-member or tubular K-member required.

Disclaimer/Terms of use: This product/service is intended for off-road / track use only. Detroit Drifting Company LLC assumes no liability and will be held harmless for any injury, damages, or loss to persons or property resulting from the use of these products.

While we do our best to keep items in stock, Please allow up to 2-8 weeks for fabrication/shipment. Feel free to contact us for current lead times.