Pull-Up Hydro E-brake
Pull-Up Hydro E-brake
Pull-Up Hydro E-brake
Pull-Up Hydro E-brake
Pull-Up Hydro E-brake
Pull-Up Hydro E-brake

Pull-Up Hydro E-brake

Detroit Drifting Co.
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Our pull-up style hydro e-brake handle kit is one of the best available. It's modular, so the handle can be interchangeable to different styles. 

Lower Bracket:

Our premium lower bracket is made of CNC cut steel for rigidity and durability. The main pivot features double high load ball bearings to provide smooth articulation and zero lateral slop as found with competitors' products.


Our handles are made of thick CNC cut aluminum for light weight and rigidity. Our milled-pocket design retains rigidity while further reducing weight and adding a clean look. The handle thickness has been intentionally chosen for driver comfort - not too thick and not too thin like some competitor products that leave your hand bruised after a day of drifting. The handle edges are softened to further increase user comfort.

Handles are currently offered in a matte aluminum finish with machine finish pockets. More handle styles available for future release.


Kit includes:

-Lower bracket assembly

-Aluminum handle (choice of options)

-Rod end to connect to your master cylinder (5/16 - 24 thread to suit wilwood master cylinders)

-Hardware (Handle to lower bracket, rod end to lower bracket, lower bracket to mounting base - suits Wilwood mounting bases)

-Wilwood Mounting base (optional)

-Wilwood Master Cylinder (Optional)


****Master cylinder Info*****

Dual caliper style master cylinders (integral reservoir)

Dual caliper style master cylinders (remote reservoir)

Inline style master cylinders